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Audit Department

"Audit is about improving practice, the data we collect is extremely important to the Cardiac Centre and informs the way we care for our patients. If a department does not know how it is performing it is difficult to focus on how to make improvements.  We have a duty to patients to ensure that any data held is kept confidential and complies with current legislation.”

Cardiac Audit team  
The role of the team is to ensure data held on all Trust cardiac information systems are accurate, consistent, valid, and comprehensive, and submitted to national datasets on a timely basis. We are responsible for data extraction for relevant and informative reports on clinical audits being carried out in a clinical service or in the organisation. We work closely with senior clinical teams & support cardiac teams with local clinical audits

Leslie Trewhela 
Les takes a lead in monitoring quality of data submitted to national cardiac audits e.g. BCIS, CRM, Congenital & TAVI etc. He supports colleagues to ensure the patient analysis and tracking system (PATS) is populated with accurate and timely data.
Data Quality Administrator 
Nigel Porter Unit 
Royal Sussex County Hospital 
01273 696955 x7836 

Rose Hurst
Rose is responsible for ensuring the accuracy & quality of data submitted to the Myocardial infarction national audit programme (MINAP) & the National Heart Failure Audit.  
Cardiac Nurse Specialist 
The Princess Royal Hospital 
01444 441881 x8090

The Sussex Cardiac Centre has developed a culture of data collection, and with careful design of our own of data sets we can answer local questions and comply with Department of Health directives.

We regularly submit nationally required data to the Central Cardiac Audit Data and information regarding this can be found at;

Annually a forward plan for audit activity is developed, examining multiple aspects of care delivered to our cardiac patients. This involves all members of the multidisciplinary team, i.e. Consultant Cardiologists, Consultant Surgeons Doctors, Cardiac Physiologists, Heart Failure Nurses, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurses, Cardiac Pharmacists, Cardiac Research, Arrythmia Nurse, and Cardiac Radiographers.  

Over time the Sussex Cardiac Centre has developed, and we have seen the Centre expand effectively and efficiently with more procedures whilst still maintaining high standards of care.