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The Sussex Heart Charity A local charity for cardiac patients

Who we are







We are a local cardiac (heart) charity based at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, formed in 1987 to promote excellence in cardiac care. In this time we have made a real impact on patient care in Brighton by supporting cardiac services in many ways; perchasing and upgraiding equipment, funding research and education, promoting emergency resuscitation in hospital and in the community and supporting the cardiac rehabilitation services. We are funded entirely from donations, legacies and fund-raising events.
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The Sussex Cardiac Centre
Opened in June 1999, the Cardiac Centre is now in full swing, it runs a brisk program of catheter tests and treatments offering the most modern techniques for cardiac surgery in adults. Around 750 operations are now carried out in Brighton each year.
Cardiologists from all over Sussex now take part in the centres work making it a hub of expertise and providing leading edge facilities for heart patients throughout the county. The BHST has contributed over £1/4 million to the centres development.

Purchasing Equipment
The total spent on equipment since 1987 is over £1,600,000. Much of this equipment is now computer based and therefore will be in need of upgrading in the near future. Unfortunately the NHS is often unable to fund this part of the service. This is an area where the BHST will be of great benefit for patients in the future. As well as major purchases we also purchase many small items.

Providing Information
Over the years we have produced several information videos: Coronary Angiography, Pacemakers, Heart Attack Action, The Road to Health and Cardiac Rehabilitation. We also produce booklets for patients that have suffered a heart attack or are about to undergo cardiac surgery.
We support the heart failure nurses here in Brighton by funding information booklets and a resource pack.

Supporting Training
We have funded training of cardiac technicians here in Brighton. This has benefited both staff and patients by reducing waiting times for both in-hospital and out-patients appointments, as well as ensuring a solid staff base for the future.
We support the nursing staff by offering educational grants for those wishing to attend cardiac based conferences or courses.

The cardiology research unit in Brighton has been at the centre of research for many years carrying out vital research and audit projects which will help improve survival and quality of life for cardiac patients for many years to come. We help them to do this by providing support for equipment and by funding research staff to help on these projects.

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