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Heart Failure Service Living well with Heart Failure

The Service
BSUH Trust is able to offer you a comprehensive service made up of a number of healthcare professionals. It is our aim to ensure that you recieve prompt, timely and appropriate care and support to you, whilst living with your heart failure

The Team
The team consists of: Doctors, Nurses, Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians and Pharmacists. Most of your contact will be with the Heart Failure nurse specialists Karen and Carolyn are senior nurses with many years experience in caring for patients with cardiac conditions. One of their roles within the service is to offer you a nurse-led clinic to help you to live withn your heart failure. You may also have contact with Sarah Young, nurse consultant in cardiology who will be working with Karen and Carolyn.

Heart Failure Nurse

Carolyn Kenny
Heart failure Nurse Specialist

karen Murphy

Karen Murphy
Heart failure Nurse Specialist

Heart Failure Physiologist

Simon Jewell
Heart failure Specialist Physiologist

On Arrival
Please report to the receptionist in the Out-patient Department. You will probably have a blood test taken a few days before coming to the clinic. Depending on that result, you may have another one taken on the day. When you see the heart failure nurse, she will have a general chat with you about how you are feeling, the tablets you are taking, and any problems you may be experiencing. She will then undertake a short examination of your breathing and heart beat. She will also need to look at your ankles. Following this, she will talk you through a few simple steps that you can undertake yourself to complement your medicines and other treatments that may be prescribed.

What you need to bring with you
Could you please bring the following with you

  • All the tablets you are taking
  • Any record cards/books
  • Any questions you may have
  • Any health information booklets you may have been given


If you are unable to attend
Please let the appointment office know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment. You can do this by phoning 01273 696955 ext. 4500 and leaving a message. If you have any queries about transport please phone (01273) 696955 ext. 4359 or look at 'Getting there' on this website. If you have a problem with your out-patient appointment on the day (not transport) please ring the appropriate number:


Hove Polyclinic - (01273) 242024

Lewes Victoria Hospital - (01273) 474153

Royal Sussex County Hospital, Out-patients - (01273) 696955 ext. 4500

Heart Failure Matters Website: Practical heart failure information for patients, families and care-givers.
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