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Travel Information

Travel Insurance
Travel companies may try to increase your insurance premiums if you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is suggested that you shop around if this happens. You will need to make sure that your travel insurance company is aware that you have an ICD or pacemaker.

Here are just a few of the companies that offer travel insurance for people with a medical condition:

Able 2 Travel 0870 750 6711

Free Spirit 0845 230 5000

Freedom Travel Insurance 01223 454 290

All Clear Travel Insurance 0845 250 5200

The following companies have also received positive comments from our members:

Please note that inclusion on the list does not constitute approval from Sussex Cardiac Centre or rrhythmia Alliance and any insurance provider is the responsibility of the individual concerned.

If you are still concerned about travelling, Arrhythmia Alliance will be happy to provide further advice and the address of Implantable Device Centres in the area you are visiting if possible.

Airport Security
You can safely travel abroad with your ICD or Pacemaker, but it is strongly recommended that you show your identification card to security staff, and ask to be searched by hand if possible.
Walk through the metal detector archway if asked to do so, but the metal casing of the device may set off the airport security alarm. The detector will not cause any harm to your ICD or pacemaker provided you walk briskly through the arch.

Carrying sufficient medication in your hand luggage is recommended incase of delayed flight, lost luggage or problems during your flight. Try to make sure medications are in their correct packaging.

Want to hear the latest from the DVLA about driving with a heart rhythm disorder?
The DVLA rules and regulations are revised periodically and for the most up to date advice, it is best to refer to the DVLA website directly:

The ‘At a Glance’ booklet is available to download and provides the current medical standards of fitness to drive. As a heart rhythm patient, you should refer to chapter two of the document.

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