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Medicines play an integral part in the treatment of most cardiac patients and our team of pharmacy staff work closely with all members of the multidisciplinary team to deliver the right medicines for you in a timely fashion and to provide you with the information you need to support you to get the maximum benefit from your treatments 
We have three main pharmacies:  

  • Royal Sussex County Hospital In-Patient Pharmacy    
  • Royal Sussex County Hospital Out-Patient Pharmacy (Pharm@Sea)   
  • Princess Royal Hospital Pharmacy 

Our team is led by 
Lead Cardiac Pharmacist: Alison Warren
Lead Cardiothoracic Pharmacist: Karen Tyson
Senior Medicines Management Technician: Sue Finall 

We can be contacted at the Royal Sussex County Hospital In-patient Pharmacy  
Telephone 01273 696955 extension 3210 

If you have been prescribed medicines by the hospital and have any questions you can call our MEDICINES INFORMATION HELPLINE on Monday Friday  between 10am and 5pm 
(But please note we cannot answer questions about your illness in general, medicines from your own doctor or other people’s medicines) 

Please see the cardiac medicines section of the website for more general information on medicines from the hospital under common cardiac drugs