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The Cardiac Rehabilitation at the Princess Royal Hospital

Katherine Moore - Clinical Nurse Specialist

I trained at Charing Cross Hospital in London qualifying as a Registered Nurse in 1986. Even as a student I had an interest in Cardiology but at that time student nurses were not allowed on the cardiac care unit. 
I came to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in 1987 and completed the Cardiac Course run by Professor Chamberlain the following year. I then went on to complete a course in Intensive Care Nursing. 
My career in Cardiac Rehabilitation started in 1990 and during this time I have also worked on the Cardiac Care Unit in Brighton. In 2000 I completed an MSc in Cardiology and my dissertation on ‘The psychological impact of internal cardioverter defibrillators on patients and their partners ‘led to the ICD support group being established. 
I was the nurse advisor for the Brighton Take Heart Group for 6 years. This involved attending one of their exercise classes on a weekly basis to offer health advice and support. I served on their committee and became the editor for their patient magazine. 
In 2012 I transferred to the Princess Royal Hospital to lead the Cardiac Rehabilitation service. During this time we have worked with fitness instructors trained in Cardiac Rehabilitation to establish continuing exercise programmes throughout Mid Sussex to ensure that our patients can continue to exercise once they have completed our programme. 
I am a member of the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation.

Lynne Simmonds - physiotherapist 

I trained at Guys Hospital in London qualifying in 1992 and then started at Princess Royal Hospital as a junior rotational physiotherapist.
As a senior physiotherapist I am based in the Outpatient Physiotherapy Department and I became the physiotherapist for the Cardiac Rehabilitation programme in 1997. 
During my time in Cardiac Rehabilitation I have developed both the structure of the class and the exercises.  I have enjoyed my time in Cardiac Rehab and I feel that we have an excellent team and a structured programme so that our patients get the best treatment and follow up that we can offer. I enjoy seeing patients progress and then continuing onto the Phase 4 programmes in the community. 


Claire Huggett - Sister

I trained at St Georges Hospital in London and once qualifying worked on the Cardiothoracic Unit for 18 months. It was there that I decided that I wanted to become a Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse. 
On moving back to the local area I started working at Crawley Hospital on the newly set up Acute Medical and Surgical Unit. On wanting to further my knowledge and career in Cardiology I then worked on the combined ITU/CCU where I completed the Coronary Care Course. 
During my time there I also became a research assistant for a PhD Fellow who was looking at the psychological impact an MI has on patients and the different strategies that might help overcome these issues. This involved recruiting patients, visiting them at home to complete questionnaires and then longer term follow up, all a very interesting process. 
I was also involved with Cardiac Rehabilitation and this eventually led to a full time position. I was then able to undertake and complete the MSc in Cardiology, my dissertation comparing hospital based and home based Cardiac Rehabilitation. This role then expanded to Cardiology Nurse Specialist which as well as Cardiac Rehabilitation included involvement in cardiac clinics, the Cardioversion and Tilt Testing services. 
I moved to the PRH as a Cardiac Rehabilitation Sister seven years ago (a role which I very much enjoy) .
I am also a member of the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation. 

Other staff

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Sisters can be contacted on 01444 441881 ext. 8280. We are available Monday-Friday during office hours.

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